232 E Hallam

  • 2015


Second Empire

Historical Use:


This Victorian home is a late 1800s silver mining era two-story wood framed Mansard-style house. This is one of the few second empire style homes in town.  The forward mass of the home features a single bay window below a dormer window on the roof form. A single story porch is set back from the street and another dormer is centered above this element. Single story additions to the structure date pre-1980 and there was a complete reconstruction of the structure with reinstallation of decorative elements, including a garage and contemporary addition to the rear in 1984. The building was originally constructed for D.M. Van Hovenberg, a cashier at J.B. Wheeler Banking Company. Other notable residents included western author Fred Glidden, a.k.a. Fred Short.

Inventory Form (2000)

Title History (1980)